„Pauline Prior-Pitt, in ‘Shore Sequence’, exhibits an overriding concern with colours and objects before her – the sea and sky – to the near exclusion of even her own presence from the page. There is no punctuation or capitalisation – only, it seems, a serious commitment to make her words alone serve the prior fact of nature.“
Andrew Gillon, Edinburgh Review

„Pitt was the hit!“
Swindon Festival of Literature

„Her poetry is wry, accessible and achingly funny. There is scarcely a line I don’t identify with.“
Maureen Lipman

„Warm, witty, wise and wonderfully truthful. Her poetry and performance reach the core. No wonder the audience didn’t want to leave. They clamoured to buy her books. A highlight of the festival.“
Bewdley Festival

„Her verses have a light ironic touch; everyday words with a sudden surprising bit.“
Good Housekeeping

„No one could fail to identify with these poems, they express with moving simplicity and humour some of the profound experiences of our lives.“
Radio Mercia FM

„An evening of laughter and wry nods. She creates an atmosphere of absolute empathy and understanding between herself and her audience, and leaves them stunned by her perception.“
The Bookcase, Nottingham

„She is a very individual poet and a brilliant reader of her poetry.“
Warwick Festival

„She has that rare gift of putting her finger on the crucial point of life’s experiences.“
Leamington Courier

„Pithy, poignant and evocative poems.“
Stratford Herald