be an angel / Written on the Shore / CD North Uist Sea Poems

Since my selected poems about women, ‚be an angel‘ was published in 2017, I have published a revised edition of ‚Storm Biscuits‘. It was originally published in 2001 since when I have written many more poems about the island of North Uist so most of these now appear in the new edition.

„Written on the Shore“ has been a work in progress during the last two years. It is a sequence of poems originally scribbled in my notebook during my long walks on my favourite Sollas Beach.

The overarching theme is one of relationships, real or imagined.

“The poems in this collection are absolutely beautiful and enthralling. Individual poems resonate with others, achieving an overall cadence akin to the ebb and flow of tides.”
Helen Boden


CD which goes with my pamphlet, North Uist Sea Poems. The music was composed by Catherine Eunson for cello, flute, fiddle, harp and my speaking voice. It beautifully evokes the sea and the shore in all its moods.

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